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men and women learning how to make arts and crafts

How to Make Arts and Crafts

It’s common knowledge that developing a regular exercise routine and eating a well-balanced diet can help you live longer and happier. However, experts say that strengthening creative muscles can also help improve the overall health of older adults—so arts and crafts can be considered essential activities for seniors. Looking for an assisted living community with…

woman with vacuum talking to a senior in housekeeping for seniors

Finding the Right Housekeeping for Seniors

If you are struggling with basic tasks in the home—such as changing lightbulbs or putting away clean laundry—you may want to consider moving to an assisted living community where housekeeping services and more comforts are offered to residents. Services like these can save older adults time and energy, plus they could also help in preventing…

Seniors walking together

5 Fun Activities for Senior Citizens

Residents of an assisted living community aren’t limited to sitting on armchairs or rocking chairs to watch TV or attending the occasional bingo event or other senior activities. Seniors aren’t automatically relegated to low-energy activities and a largely sedentary lifestyle just because they’re getting older. These days, the best thing for older adults is to…