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dining services at assisted living in floridaNo matter what age you are, your health and wellness is important. One of the best ways to care for your health is by eating well through a balanced diet of healthy foods. For independent seniors and those who need some assistance having access to regular meals, being able to cook, shop for groceries, and eat with others is important. Thus, Summer’s Landing makes it a point to provide excellent dining services for all of our residents. A good meal doesn’t just taste good. A good meal provides you with nutritional value and is good for you. Plus, our dining services are an excellent way to get to know your neighbors as well as our staff. We offer our residents at Summer’s Landing an enjoyable dining experience with impressive menus approved by a registered dietician.

Health & Wellness While In Assisted Living

Our Summer’s Landing staff and chefs create meals that feel home-made. We take into account the personal preferences of our residents as well as their nutritional needs. Our dining services also strive to accommodate residents who have dietary issues. For example, if residents need help managing their blood sugar due to diabetes or have difficulty swallowing because of dysphagia, we can adjust our menu and offerings. Similarly, we keep rotating the foods and meals we offer through our dining services to address weight issues. We also address high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia by offering low sodium foods. Additionally, we make sure our residents with osteoporosis get the recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D.

What an individual eats affects how they feel both emotionally and physically. Healthy eating is an investment in a high-quality life. Here at Summer’s Landing, we strive to provide our residents with all the resources they need. Our dining services make living in our community easy, giving you more time for the senior activities you want to focus upon.


Our Dining Services

No matter what independent senior living community you explore, concerns about food and dining services are nearly always a top concern. Seniors expect their meals to be as dynamic as they are. Therefore, at Summer’s Landing, we make sure all our meals are made from the freshest ingredients inspired by not only what residents are familiar with, but the most popular restaurant trends. Whether it’s cafeteria-style dining, bistro fare, or restaurant-style dining, we can accommodate residents. Also, we offer space for residents to entertain friends and family. For instance, our dining services make it a point to:

  • Tailor menus to doctor-recommended diet or dietary restrictions
  • Individualize choices for residents
  • Share recipes and receive cooking tips from residents

Active seniors can turn to our dining services to provide them with groceries or transportation to shops where they can get their own groceries. We provide a community space knowing that we can take one more burden off your shoulders.


Senior Living in Florida

Through our assisted living services, our staff and chefs get to know everyone. We make it a point to get to know residents not just to serve them better but to make the living experience at Summer’s Landing exactly what they deserve. Our personal touch is unique, making our dining services the best in Lynn Haven, FL.

Aside from the variety of meals and healthy eating we offer, we provide several other senior care services. For example, our independent and active seniors can take advantage of regular activities both for individuals and groups as well as medication assistance services. We make dealing with health issues that much more easy. So, if you or a loved one is ready to make the transition to independent senior living, give us a call at 850.265.9829. Our friendly staff can answer your questions, address your concerns, and walk you through the admissions process. Also, explore our community gallery to get a sense of what we offer so you can schedule an appointment today.