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caregiver assisting senior citizen with medicationIf you are making the transition to senior independent living, residents need to consider what assisted living services are provided by their community. As one ages in a community, it is important to know that your community has the services and community to assist you or your loved one. Summer’s Landing has made it a point to provide these services for all residents. Among our services, we provide medication assistance to residents who need or want it. It is just one more amenity that allows the residents of our community to have less stress in their lives. This will allow them to focus on what they want to do in retirement.


Medication Assistance Involve?

Medications are a critical part of maintaining a high-quality life for many seniors. However, it is also an ongoing process that requires adjustments. Therefore, it makes sense to have senior living services such as medication assistance to help you manage what medications you are taking, the dosage you are taking, and the particular form of medication that you may need. As individuals age, they may need help taking their medication or keeping track of when to do so. Having our medication assistance services available to give aid is just one way that Summer’s Landing ensures the health and vitality of our residents.

There are numerous reasons independent seniors may need some assistance with the medications their doctors prescribe. For example, taking multiple medications for chronic conditions or particular medications for new or acute conditions may require another set of eyes to help you out. Some other reasons medication assistance services are important and useful include:

  • Sensitivity to medications or increased side effects can lead individuals towards nonadherence. Thus, it is useful to have a gentle reminder and encouragement.
  • Prescriptions from multiple doctors or multiple prescriptions from a single doctor can make things confusing. So, having help to maintain the correct dosage and schedule can only help.
  • As one ages, decreases in hearing and vision can make understanding prescription instructions difficult. When it comes to medication, safety is a top concern. Having someone from our medication assistance services available makes it easier.
  • For the treatment of some conditions, there may be a multi-step process. Having another set of hands and eyes makes sure an individual’s diabetes, high blood pressure, or osteoarthritis is handled correctly.


Medication Assistance & Assisted Living

Here at Summer’s Landing, we understand that part of managing your medications in retirement demands privacy. Therefore, our Summer’s Landing staff makes sure to take all the necessary precautions to keep your private information safe and secure. We do not share information about resident medication or the conditions that residents have. As true professionals, our medication assistance services guard not just your health but your privacy.

When residents request or need our medication assistance services, we are discrete and make sure the individual is in control of the process. We are here to help and to offer choices. Therefore, although we remind and aid patients in taking their medications, they are always in control and determine when, where, and how they would like assistance. We verify the dosage, maintain frequency, and help with storage. We can also assist residents in communicating with their doctors and other care providers.

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When you enter an independent living community like Summer’s Landing, you want to take full advantage of your retirement years. But active seniors can still benefit from senior care services such as medication assistance. By having our trained and caring staff help out, residents are able to focus their time, attention, and energy on the senior activities they truly care about. It’s never easy balancing independent and assisted care, but here at Summer’s Landing, we succeed.

Whether you or a loved one needs assistance with oral medication, eye or ear drops, topical medication, inhalers, or injections, we can help. So reach out to us today at 850.265.9829 and explore what we have to offer.