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As you grow older, life may become more challenging. Loneliness and everyday chores can make it difficult to stay active and engaged in life. However, joining a senior living community will allow you to form friendships with neighbors and get the help needed to tackle daily chores. At Summer’s Landing, we provide several senior living services and programs in FL to help you live a healthy and happy life. Our staff also focus on providing specialized senior care and support services and to all our clients.

Assisted Living Elderly Care for Your Unique Needs

Assisted living is a program that offers older adults customized care in a comfortable, controlled setting. It is ideal for those that need help with daily care activities such as taking medication and cleaning. Before a client joins the community, our specialists will assess their needs and goals to develop a tailored service plan.

After admission, the physicians often check the client’s health to ensure they are in good condition. These specialists also help our residents take medication and engage them in exercises to keep them fit. Other than that, this program offers constant emergency senior care services to attend to urgent needs and ensure that residents get the care they need.

Enjoy Your Freedom at Our Independent Senior Living Community

Senior citizens browsing on a laptop togetherSummer’s Landing’s independent senior living community is ideal for those that wish to enjoy life without worrying about other tasks. We provide a setting that helps residents enjoy their life without worrying about paying various home bills or taking care of chores. Our center also has a design that allows enough freedom while giving them access to crucial support. For instance, they have the freedom to either cook their meals or eat in the stylish dining rooms.

A Quality Memory Care Senior Living Program in FL

Seniors with health conditions that affect their memory, such as dementia, may feel insecure while at their homes and neglect personal care. A memory care program can help such seniors observe personal hygiene and take their medication as required. It also allows them to interact with other adults, which helps reduce isolation and loneliness.

In some cases, seniors suffering from memory loss can forget to lock their doors at night or fail to recall their way to some facilities. Hence, our staff members are always keen on observing all rooms and movement to enhance safety and help residents feel secure. They also offer housekeeping and laundry services to give residents more time to engage in the activities they like.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Summer’s Landing

Our community has many benefits that make it a desirable elderly care service provider in Florida. For example, it offers diverse programs that make it easy to shift from one level of care to another. Our residents may also need to go to the doctor’s office or to a therapy session. Our staff can arrange transportation to these places while ensuring that the person in charge takes good care of the client while away from the center.

Summer’s Landing also offers quality services and friendly staff to help residents feel comfortable and loved. Besides, it provides various leisure amenities to enhance comfort and keep the clients occupied. Some of these include:

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When looking for a senior living program in FL, it is important to ensure that it meets your unique needs. Summer’s Landing provides elderly care services tailored to meet diverse health needs and lifestyle choices. Our community offers luxurious facilities to help you feel safe and comfortable while away from home. We also have physicians that can observe physical and mental health to enhance your well-being during the stay. If you are looking for a senior living community, contact Summer’s Landing today at 850.265.9829 to learn more about our services.