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Body parts may slow down their functions as you get older, making it challenging to carry out daily tasks and to stay active. Even so, exercising and eating a healthy diet can reduce this inactivity and improve body functioning. Summer’s Landing provides elderly fitness classes to help you maintain good health and improve balance. We can also assess the areas you need to work on and create a fitness program that meets these needs.

Our Elderly Fitness Classes

group elderly fitness classesKeeping fit is one of the most vital aspects to observe for better mental and physical well-being. Summer’s Landing provides elderly fitness classes as one of the specialty senior care services in our senior living community. Our specialist engages residents in various types of exercise to improve muscle and joint flexibility. These practices also make it easier to move from one place to another in the center without help.

Before starting a fitness class, our trainer will learn more about each senior’s physical health to determine the best movements. They may then recommend simple practices at the beginning before advancing to more complex ones with time. Some of the exercises they may use in the sessions are the single-limb stance, the clock reach, and back leg raises.

During physical fitness sessions, we provide mats to improve comfort and avoid bruising resulting from friction. Moreover, the trainer observes the residents to prevent any complications that can arise while exercising.

Apart from physical exercises, Summer’s Landing also trains residents on maintaining a healthy diet. Our health specialists can work with the fitness trainer to create a meal plan with our dining services to help seniors eat the right food. This step is essential, especially for seniors that prepare personal meals in their own residences.

The Benefits of Elderly Fitness Classes

One considerable benefit of keeping fit is that it can prevent health issues like heart disease and diabetes. It also boosts immunity, making it easier to deal with infections and prevent illnesses.

Exercising stimulates the brain to release a feel-good hormone known as dopamine. This hormone can boost happiness and reduce distressing emotions like anxiety and stress. As a result, one is likely to have better sleep patterns, which help improve mental health.

Increased risk of falls is one thing that makes it challenging for older adults to stay independent. Luckily, our classes aim at improving balance, allowing elders to have more freedom and independence. Other benefits of elderly fitness classes and our senior living services in FL include:

  • They help you maintain a healthy weight
  • They can boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Keeping fit can improve cognitive function
  • Fitness classes encourage social interactions
  • Exercising speeds up recovery after an injury
  • Keeping fit builds and strengthens muscles

If You Don’t Like to Exercise, We Can Help

While exercising is a vital part of any fitness program, some people do not like engaging in this activity for various reasons. For instance, some fear they will experience pain in problematic body parts or fall while exercising. Summer’s Landing fitness trainers apply creative techniques to encourage elders that do not like exercising. Some of these techniques include:

  • Entertaining them with music during sessions
  • Partnering residents with their friends
  • Providing a comfortable exercising environment
  • Giving regular breaks during elderly fitness classes

Contact Summer’s Landing to Enroll in Elderly Fitness Classes

Enrolling in a fitness class can prevent many health issues and allow one to maintain independence. At Summer’s Landing, we offer elderly fitness classes for the seniors in our assisted living community. Our team can train you on improving flexibility to help handle everyday activities, and we can also create a diet plan to help you stay healthy and achieve your desired fitness goals. Contact Summer’s Landing now at 850.265.9829 for customized elderly care services and elderly fitness classes in FL.