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Arts and crafts are activities that most seniors can actively participate in, even with limited mobility. Engaging in these activities allows them to have fun and encourages creativity, which eventually improves their cognitive ability. Summer’s Landing provides a wide range of arts and crafts activities that older adults in our community can enjoy. These projects keep them busy and can help discover new talents and hobbies.

Arts and Crafts Activities Seniors Can Enjoy

seniors doing arts and crafts activitiesOur senior living services provide many art and craft activities that seniors can choose from depending on their interests and health. During these projects, our team guides and observes them regularly to ensure they are safe and comfortable. One of the forms of art we occupy residents with is painting using various materials such as colored pencils and watercolors. In most instances, our trainers give them an object or sample they can refer to as they work. Still, we let the seniors paint the items they prefer, including a visual expression of their current emotions. These projects allow them to focus, engage their minds, and express their feelings, which reduces stress.

Knitting and crocheting in another type of art and craft that most older adults enjoy. Since some of them already have these skills, our instructors focus on training them to blend and use different patterns. They also offer beginner classes for those that do not have any experience in these activities.

Clay sculpting is one of the most popular forms of craft among Summer’s Landing community residents. This activity is ideal for those with conditions that affect the ability to use their hands, such as multiple sclerosis. Residents can also use polymer clay to make various types of accessories. For instance, they can create beads for necklaces and bracelets to begin, then later learn how to make flat pendants. Other craft activities the elderly can enjoy include paper cutting, decoupage, and creating scrapbooks.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts Activities for the Elderly

Arts and crafts have many benefits that make them among the most preferred activities for older adults. For example, participating in them helps one to exercise various body parts, boosting physical health. It also engages the mind and stimulates the production of dopamine. This hormone reduces distressing emotions such as sadness and remorse, preventing mental health issues.

Loneliness and isolation are significant challenges that most seniors face, especially when in their homes. Luckily, the arts and crafts activities provided by Summer’s Landing allow them to meet other residents. This interaction helps them meet those with similar interests and make new friends, reducing loneliness.

In some cases, one may lose the ability to engage in activities they enjoyed before as they grow older. However, taking part in arts and crafts activities allows discovering new ways to have fun even with reduced flexibility. Other benefits of these senior activities are:

  • They can improve communication
  • They lower blood pressure and anxiety
  • Crafting reduces the risk of memory loss
  • Art therapy boosts self-esteem and confidence
  • Art improves motor skills

Senior Living Programs That Provide Elderly Activities FL

Summer’s Landing has senior living communities that make it possible for residents to engage in crafting activities within a safe environment. These include independent, memory care, and assisted elderly living communities. Our staff helps the residents with various daily activities to give them enough time to participate in fun projects. Some of the services they may provide include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Dining Services
  • Help when taking medication
  • Dressing and grooming

Contact Summer’s Landing for Elderly Activities in FL

Residing in a senior living community can help residents engage in a wide range of arts and crafts activities. At Summer’s Landing, we offer senior care services that allow you to get assistance with daily activities and interact with other older adults. Our staff will help you handle tasks that you may find challenging to do and provide medical help to enhance your well-being. They can also offer transportation services when you need to attend therapy sessions or visit a doctor. Reach out to Summer’s Landing today at 850.265.9829 to learn more.