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Maintaining independence is one of the major worries that most people have as they age. While it is vital to be independent, some conditions may call for support in handling daily tasks. At Summer’s Landing, we provide an assisted living program to give you enough freedom while providing help with daily activities. Our community also allows you to access essential amenities like healthcare and interact with other older adults.

Who Qualifies for an Assisted Living Program?

Our assisted living community has various features that allow staff to attend to older adults while giving them freedom. This program is suitable for seniors with health conditions that do not need constant care and observation. Such issues include mental health issues, controlled diabetes, and early stages of dementia. It is also ideal for those with conditions that affect movements, such as arthritis and limb vein damage.

Summer’s Landing’s Assisted Living Program

group at an assisted living programOur assisted living community consists of private rooms that seniors can decorate according to their liking. These facilities have a convenient bath area and a kitchen that allows residents to make preferred meals. Our assisted living residences are near the activity areas and the dining room, which increases accessibility. Summer’s Landing also provides a wide range of assisted living services to increase residents’ comfort and safety in the center. Some of these services include:

  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Assistance with daily activities like dressing and bathing
  • Health monitoring and management care
  • Transportation to treatment facilities

Other than that, we observe each resident’s diet to ensure they eat healthy meals that suit specific dietary needs. Our team is available 24/7 to provide emergency medical care and help residents move from one place to another.

The Benefits of Our Assisted Living Program

Summer’s Landing assisted living program in FL offers many benefits that make it a desirable senior living option. For instance, it offers residents specialized medication assistance services that help reduce the severity of chronic health issues. Getting help with chores like cooking and cleaning allows residents to spend more time doing what they love.

Isolation and loneliness can affect mental health issues. Additionally, the lack of community can worsen drug abuse and health problems such as heart disease. Our senior living community can reduce loneliness by providing opportunities for residents to socialize with the staff and other residents.

Another benefit of assisted living in FL is that it aims to provide seniors with a comfortable environment. Our center offers leisure facilities and senior activity areas that allow residents to engage in various exciting activities. It is also in a serene and calm location that is suitable for exercising and evening walks.

Many older adults find it difficult to keep up with home bills and make online payments. Thus, they may forget to attend to some expenses, like a mortgage, and end up with accumulated debts. Staying in a senior living community relieves the burden of paying for some utility bills and helps one manage their finances better. Other benefits of our senior care services include:

  • It helps seniors observe diet restrictions and treatment plans
  • Elderly care reduces the risk of accidents that can occur while at home
  • It increases quality of life
  • Specialized care gives a senior’s loved ones peace of mind

Contact Summer’s Landing to Learn More About Our Assisted Living Program

Joining a senior living community allows you to enjoy life while letting a specialist handle your everyday tasks. At Summer’s Landing, we provide an assisted living program to help you access dedicated care and attention. Our staff also have the skills needed to handle health emergencies that may arise during your stay. They are also gentle, understanding, and patient enough to ensure that residents feel safe and loved. Reach out to Summer’s Landing today at 850.265.9829 to learn more or enroll in our assisted living program.